We know that a good employee is always helpful.

At HireWebSolutions, we help you build the right team. With us you have access to a variety of Bulgarian IT specialists, which help you find highly qualified potential employees, who fit the culture and goals of the organization.

We screen the candidates so you are only sent developers who can do the job. Our model enables you to reduce up to HALF the cost of an in-office developers while providing highly skilled professionals from Bulgaria, with the relevant knowledge and experience.

Direct hire or C2C contract? Using our services, your company has the freedom to choose the employee's trial period (C2C contract) before deciding whether to hire him permanently (direct hire).

The possibility for temporary employment of the staff is very suitable for companies that are looking for IT specialists only for the implementation of a project for a certain period of time.

See part of our talents and prices below and start building your team with us.


Why Bulgaria? Bulgaria is among the top four countries in the world where programmers demonstrate the widest diversity of knowledge and interests in various technologies, according to the latest ranking of the DataArt software development company.

The ranking is based on statistics of the Skillotron platform, where over 15,000 software specialists from 74 countries around the globe have tested their skills and knowledge.

Bulgaria ranks fourth, advancing from its fifth place in the previous edition of the DataArt ranking.

Our process
1. Tell us what employee you need

Give us as much information as possible on the employee you are looking for. What skills and qualities are required? What responsibilities will the successful candidate have? Send us a detailed job description and we will start searching for a good fit.

2. Interview the best candidates

We will make a shortlist of suitable candidates for you and schedule online interviews with them. We will share our views on each candidate's strengths and weaknesses to help you make the best decision.

3. Tell us who you would like to hire

If you like a candidate, just let us know. We will negotiate all the details before hiring him on your behalf, or you can choose to hire him directly.


Our prices start at $ 31 per hour up to $ 50 per hour for senior software developers and QA engineers and depend on the experience and abilities of the employee you need, as well as the period of the contract. We mainly work with senior developers, unless you are specifically looking for a junior and you have decided to invest in his training with you. In that case you can get a price between $ 20 and $ 25 per hour.
If you hire two developers, you receive an additional 10% off. Contact us for more information.