Our mission

Our mission is to connect top bulgarian programmers with the best USA companies, helping both sides to reach their goals by meeting there mutual interests. Because of the difference between the average salaries in both countries we are able to save money for the company, provide an employee with top experties, who have the freedom to work from his home country and earn a fair salary for his knowledge. Part of our mission is also to provide professional services to each partner and we are always striving to improve the quality of each process to ensure the success of our partner.

Our values

Honesty, professionalism, clear communication and easy-going process that helps the partners to achieve success. We will support you at any stage of the process as no one else did before. As an HR Organization, we apply process-oriented approach to each candidate, following up with him on every step of the way, earning his trust in the process and consulting them regarding every aspect of a job offer. As a Professional Business Partner we combine that with target-oriented approach thus ensuring satisfaction to both parties in the process.